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Blackout X Disposable Vape Pen - 4 Pack



The Blackout X is the first Refillable, Disposable Vape Pen on the market that can handle e-liquid, oil or soft wax. With the Blackout X there are no buttons to press (just inhale to activate), no batteries to charge (lasts for up to 250 puffs) and no mess to clean up (just toss it when the battery dies). And even though the pen is disposable, it still performs as well as most rechargeable vape pens at a fraction of the price. The new Blackout X is one of the most inexpensive, simple and convenient vaping experiences available. Pick up a 4 Pack or 10 Pack and try out this handy little disposable vape pen today.

Features  Includes

Each pen lasts approx. 250+ puffs.

No button to press, just inhale to activate.

Works with e-liquids, oil or soft wax.

Produces vapor as good as most rechargeables.

No cleaning, just throw it away when it runs out of power.

Very small, disreet design. Perfect for travel.

Easy to use, refillable tank.

Available in 4 Packs & 10 Packs.

Blackout X Disposable Vape Pen x 4



What is a Blackout X Disposable Vape Pen & how does it work?

A Blackout X consists of 3 core components; the batterycartomizer (cartridge) and atomizer (heating element).
  1. The atomizer acts as a heater when the device is activated.
  2. Inhalation through the device causes the atomizer to warm up and the cartomizer to produce vapor.
  3. The vapor (not smoke) is then inhaled by the user
  4. The cartomizer can be filled with e-liquid | oil | soft wax.
How do you fill/use the Blackout X Disposable Vape Pen?
    OIL/LIQUID: Initial Loading
    1. Remove clear plastic mouthpiece
    2. Hold mouthpiece upright
    3. Place 8-10 drops directly onto cotton string in mouthpiece. This amount will yield approximately 20+ hits
      *caution overfilling can result in device not operating correctly 
    4. Reconnect mouthpiece
    5. Stand derice upright with LED side down for 10 seconds
    6. Puff and vape
    WAX: Initial Loading
    1. Remove clear plastic mouthpiece
    2. Place a small piece of wax (approximately 1/2 the size of the green X logo in picture above) directly on heating coil. This amount will yield approximately 20+ hits
    3. Reconnect mouthpiece
    4. Puff and vape
    1. Carefully remove clear plastic mouthpiece using a rocking motion..DO NOT pull with force. This will prevent damaging and potentially detaching the heating coil
    2. Follow the remaining initial load instructions above depending on substance being used
    NOTE: The best results come from putting the wax on the heating coil in the bottom of the compartment. Small amounts of wax work best as they prevent the mouthpiece from clogging. It is also important to leave the device vertical (with the LED side down) after smoking as the melted products have a tendency to clog the mouthpiece if inverted.

      What are the advantages of using a disposable/refillable vape pen?

      There are many advantages when using the Blackout X disposable/refillable vape pen, which include:
        • They are versatile, allowing you to use a single device with any e-liquid, oil, or soft wax.
        • They never need to be recharged and are always ready to go when you are.
        • They are able to be disposed when you have finished the battery.  
        • They are a perfect option and price for a new vaper that wants to try vaping for the first time, or a great add on for an experienced vaper that wants a convenient and versatile option when their expensive vaporizer has lost it's charge.

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