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Celebrate 7/10 All Month Long With Our July Vaporizer Specials

Posted on July 10 2013

July Vaporizer Specials

Happy 7/10 from! This month we're showing some love for all you 710 heads out there with a huge sale on our Oil & Concentrate Vaporizers & Vape Pens. This group of killer vapes give you the independence you need to vape anywhere at anytime. All you gotta do is charge it up, fill it with your favorite oils or concentrates, press that little button and start puffing away. It almost makes vaping a little too easy having one of these quick and portable little pens in your pocket ready to go at a moments notice ;-) Whether you're an experienced 710 lover or had to look up what 710 means, there is sure to be a vaporizer on sale this month that fits your budget... and pocket, quite well. Take your pick from our July Vaporizer Specials:

710Pen & 710Pen Mini Vaporizers

710Pen Vaporizer710Pen Mini Vaporizer

Both on Sale for $89.99 LEARN MORE


Omicron & Ophos Vaporizers

Omicron VaporizerO-PHOS Vaporizer

O-PHOS on Sale for $79.99 LEARN MORE

Omicron on Sale for $119.99 LEARN MORE


Atmos Raw Vaporizer

Atmos RAW Vaporizer

AtmosRAW™ personal vaporizers are ideal for those who want to ski down a mountain, play volleyball on the beach or spend a lazy day at home on the couch and everything in between. Made with your need for discretion and style in mind, this advanced vaporizer heats your herbs evenly in a closed chamber and minimizes the aromas released. No need to fumble around for papers, lighters or waiting around for your device to heat up. Your starter kit comes complete with minimal assembly required and is ready to use, within seconds, straight out of the box. Vaping in style is as easy as 1-2-3... just fill, press the power button, and inhale!

On Sale for $99.99 LEARN MORE


Pulsar Ninja Vaporizer

Red Pulsar Ninja VaporizerPulsar Ninja Vaporizer

Getting up and running is even easier with the Pulsar Ninja. Simply load your favorite waxy oils or concentrates into the atomizer and your ready to start vaporizing within seconds. Forget about those messy oil cartridges. The new atomizer found in the Ninja Vaporizer makes the vaporizing process more enjoyable and much cleaner. With a one-touch activation system, this unit is very simple to operate and can be used almost anywhere without bringing attention to yourself.

On Sale for $79.99 LEARN MORE


Dube Vaporizer

Dube Vaporizer

The Dube Vaporizer is here. Finally, a vaporizer that's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and easy to use. Just load your Dube and your ready to start vaporizing herbs within a matter of seconds. No waiting around. It's the size of a regular electronic cigarette - but much more powerful. The Dube Vaporizer was designed to look and feel like a regular e-cigarette so you can vape while on the move. It's small and compact design make it perfect for anyone looking for a discreet vaporizer. Unlike other pen-style vaporizers that are only capable of vaporizing oils, the Dube Vaporizer has dual functionality - oils/waxes and herbs!

On Sale for $59.99 LEARN MORE


Not into the whole 710 thing? Check some of our other vaporizers on sale including the Vaporfection viVape, DaVinci Vaporizer, Hammer Vaporizer, VaporBlunt 2.0 and Vapir N02. Also, don't miss your chance to win one of 6 free vaporizers and grinders we are giving away at the end of the month in our Summer V8PE Giveaway! Until next time... be safe and vape on.


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