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Hot or Not? Herbie aka The Herbalizer Vaporizer

Posted on May 07 2013

Herbalizer Vaporizer

In this edition of "Hot or Not?" we're going to take a look at the Herbalizer, an upcoming plug-in vaporizer from a startup company out of sunny San Diego. Also known as Herbie, this product looks extremely promising and is touting some unique, advanced features that have the potential to make it a game changer in the plug-in vaporizer market. Designed by a pair of former NASA engineers with a reported 3+ years and nearly a million dollars invested in development, it definitely has the right stuff.

UPDATE 5/15/14: The Herbalizer has officially launched and is now available for purchase on the manufacturers website. Visit to get one for yourself!

Check out the video below to see the Herbalizer in action:

Herbalizer also recently offered the following info on their blog about the technology that has gone into this little guy and some of the advanced features it enables...

Herbie has brains to go with his good looks. Powered by a 32-MHz 16-bit processor, and combined with 256 KB memory, the Herbalizer has more computing power than the Sega Genesis video game consoles.  Herbie is able to read, process and react to variable demands using an ultra high-sensitivity in-air thermal sensor in order to control temperature precisely. Precise temperature means ideal vapor quality, and precision is key. And while we can’t run Sonic the Hedgehog on Herbie (yet), in addition to temperature control, its processing capabilities enable some pretty nifty features.

Instantaneous heating and temperature control

Truly a quantum leap in technology, Herbie can heat up to over 420F in about fifteen seconds, and cools down quickly too.  And no matter how you use him, his temperature is maintained within 5F of setpoint, guaranteed.  And it makes popcorn faster than a microwave oven!

LCD auto-dimming based on room brightness

The kind of feature you wish those knuckle heads had on their cell phones in movie theaters.

Auto-off based on the integrated 3-axis accelerometer

Because of the powerful heating capabilities, we wanted to make sure that if the Herbalizer is knocked over it will shut itself down.  Yes, the 3-axis accelerometer was inspired by satellite control.

Near silent, yet high-powered fans

Not one, not two, but THREE fans enable Herbie’s performance. One fan is dedicated to cooling the device. One fan for balloon inflation and forced-air BOOST delivery with the whip. The third fan is perfectly quiet for aromatherapy mode.

Magnetic bowl attachment

For those days when you are all thumbs, we wanted to make the herb chamber is simple to use. And fun. Who doesn't love playing with magnets?

Auto shut-off based on intelligent use sensors

Set it and forget it. Well, if you really did forget, then Herbie has you protected.  He intelligently senses your usage to determine when you've… been herbalized.

Auto on/off synched with lid opening/closing

Hours of fun trying to see if the light really does go on and off. Y’know, just like your fridge.

Insulated herb chamber

Insulated exterior of the bowl reduces heat transfer, so even when the bowl gets hot, your fingers don’t. 

Herbie works using both whip and balloon delivery methods and is built to store all necessary accessories inside the clamshell casing for easy transport.

The most important advancement though, that will truly set the Herbalizer apart from other vaporizers, is the level precise control and consistent performance it claims to be capable of achieving. The ability to reach an exact temperature nearly "instantly" and maintain that temperature within 5 degrees, is something that no other plug-in vaporizer can say. Every new vaporizer that hits the market these days has a long list of flashy features, but those features often don't translate into significant improvements in performance over their predecessors.

Whether or not Herbie will truly be a "new vaporization experience" remains to be seen as the official release date is currently mystery. The price is also a mystery at this point, but there has been speculation in The Herbalizer thread on that it will come in at the higher end of the plug-in vaporizer pricing spectrum, which could put it around the $500-$700 mark. If it does prove to be a significant advancement in vaporization technology, we think it will be worth the wait... and cost, for any true vapor connoisseur that wants to get "Herbalized".

Is the Herbalizer HOT or NOT? Will it be the shining star of vaporizers or just another star in the sky? Herbie is a clever name for a vaporizer... have you given any of your vapes their own names? Hit us up in the comments to let us know.


  • Janette: April 15, 2015

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  • Aaron @ V8PE: May 15, 2014

    Josh – We are honored to have you post on the site! We hope to get our hands on Herbie soon, but so far from user reviews/comments that we have read, I know we won’t be disappointed. Congrats on your success, we look forward to working with you and Herbalizer in the future.

    Anthony – That’s a great story. It’s not easy to invest $700+ in a vaporizer on a whim, but sounds like you made the right choice. The Herbalizer looks to really be a game changer in the industry as it was for you. Thanks for sharing!

  • Anthony: May 14, 2014

    I bought this on a whim because the kid who worked at the head shop I frequent REALLY knows his stuff, and recommended this device as I was looking for a vaporizer. He gave me a beautiful comparison between the Herbalizer and other vaporizers on the market. He never once pushed it on me, and only told me about the benefits of this vaporizer over the others. So I pulled the trigger, made the purchase, and will NEVER look back. He was 100% correct in saying that once I use this device, I will throw away ALL of my other paraphernalia.

    This device is just absolutely gorgeous, and functions even better than it looks. It truly is a life changer.

    Thank you very much, Josh, for taking the time to design this unit. As a fellow engineer, I will say that you did a WONDERFUL job on this product. I can tell that a lot of time went into the design and construction phases. It was definitely worth your time and you have truly changed this engineer’s life with this product.

  • Josh Young, CEO of Herbalizer: May 13, 2014

    It is probably not protocol to post a comment on a review thread about one’s invention.. but, I will anyway ;)

    The Herbalizer is the real deal, ultra high-tech, first-gen smartvape. Everything about it was designed from the ground-up with performance in mind, rather than incremental improvements upon existing tech. I started out with a quest for INSTANT temperature and PRECISE extraction, with a vision that this capability would enable one to control their experience, and it would dramatically change the way we think about our plants.

    After over three years of really, really hard engineering, the Herbalizer has accomplished this mission.

    Also, the NASA background is real. Bob and I jointly were part of a less than 12 person vanguard team that designed, manufactured, and deployed the world’s highest performing radiation-tolerant satellite computer presently circling our little world… and watching.. mauh hah ha haaaaa. Previous to that, Bob was a key designer of the RHESSI satellite and the stealth bomber radar system. And I was a designer on the Trident II nuclear ballistic rocket. So I went from designing Weapons of Mass Destruction, to a Weapon of Peace!

  • Jack: May 04, 2014

    I’ve had my Herbalizer for over three months and absolutely LOVE it. Zero regrets. I can’t say enough good about this. It does absolutely everything that any other vape does all in one, and does everything like 100 times better. Ballon. Whip. Whip with Boost (awesome!), Flower. ANY KIND OF CONCENTRATES including hash and wax and shatter. And it looks great.

    As a former bong smoker this changed my life. My wife loves that I am now so clean smelling and not caughing up flem anymore, and I love the massive clouds of pure vapor I get and that bong like feeling in my lungs, and it can knock my ass down if I set it to 445F. It’s just awesome.

    It is simply the best vaporizer on the market. I don’t think another vaporizer like this will be coming out anytime soon.

  • Aaron @ V8PE: May 10, 2013

    Johnny – There are some peeps over at FC who got a beta for testing and having been sharing their experiences…

    MasterVaper – No… Herbie is still in the final testing phase, so other than the contest, there is no way to get one yet. The release date has not been set, but it looks like they are getting pretty close.

    Cool vape names btw!

  • MasterVaper: May 09, 2013

    PS – I named my Magic Flight “Jailbreak”, my Herbal Aire “Nemo”, and my SSV “Zorro”.
    Still working on a name for my Arizer Extreme Q…
    - MV

  • MasterVaper: May 09, 2013

    Do you sell these vapes? If not, do you have a line on where to get one? I have seen some bits of info pop up here and there, but nothing on when or where to buy one. I know they are giving one away, but I never win anything…This looks like a pretty high end vape but I am very curious to see how it performs under some serious use.
    Please, if you have any additional info – share!

  • Johnny : May 08, 2013

    I can’t wait to see some reviews on this,. seems like a very cool vaporizer

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