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Hammer Vaporizer Introduces Lock-On Kit & Custom Stems

Posted on April 26 2013

The Hammer Vaporizer recently introduced some very cool new additions. The first one is an upgrade for the Hammer called the Lock-On Kit, which allows your to use it with one hand instead of two. We can tell you from experience that this "upgrade" is extremely handy and makes the Hammer easier and even more enjoyable to use. The other is a series of handmade Custom Stems created specifically for the Hammer, which offer the user a more personalized way to enjoy this great vape. 

Here is a bit more about the Lock-On Kit from the Hammer website:

Hammer Vaporizer Lock-On StemHammer Vaporizer Lock-On Kit & Stems

"The Hammer Vaporizer Lock-On Kit & Stems are brand new accessories that transform the Hammer into a one-handed vaporizer. The Lock-On "Kit" itself includes two parts to install on the Hammer, an o-ring and high-temp rubber gasket. The o-ring simply works as a stopper to hold the gasket in place, while the gasket will make it so any compatible stem will "lock-on" to the Hammer while in use. It only takes a minute or so to install, and once it's in place you will be able to use the Hammer with the standard Lock-On Stems that are included with the kit or any of our new Lock-On Compatible Stems.

Below is a short video that shows how to install the Lock-On Kit and use it with the new Lock-On Stem:

The Lock-On Stems are quite a bit larger than the Original Stems, as David demonstrates in the video, so they are also great for those that are looking for a bigger bowl that holds more material."

The Hammer crew also released a series of handblown and totally unique Custom Stems. Only one of each was made and they are only available on the Hammer Vaporizer website. The stems are designed to work with the new Lock-On Kit and include all of the parts you need to install the kit (see video above).

There is just something about having one of these colorful handmade glass pieces that makes vaporizing with the Hammer feel like a much more personal experience. Several of them are alread listed as "Sold Out", so if you see one you like, you might want to pick it up before someone else does.

Hammer Vaporizer Custom Stems

It's been fun to watch the Hammer continue to evolve and demonstrate it's versatility. Many good things are being said in the Hammer thread on about these new additions. We are excited to see what they come up with next!

For a limited time, you can snag a Hammer Vaporizer with the Lock-On Kit for $129.99 right here at For another $30 you can upgrade to the Premium Accessory Bundle which also includes a Glass-On-Glass stem and 10 pack of screens. Are you ready to get Hammered?


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