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Vapir Rise Desktop Vaporizer Coming Soon & It Looks Pretty Sweet

Posted on April 12 2013

Vapir Rise Vaporizer


This past Friday, Vapir officially introduced their latest upcoming product and first foray into the desktop vaporizer market, the Vapir Rise. Vapir has been producing quality portable vaporizers for nearly a decade, including their flagship Vapir NO2, as well as the Vapir One and Oxygen Mini Vaporizers. The Vapir Rise is currently slated for a late April release and looks to compete directly with the highly regarded Arizer Extreme Q at the mid $200 price point. At first glance, the Rise is a pretty sharp looking vape that includes a some unique features, so we are extremely excited to see how it performs.

As is usually the case with yet-to-be-released vaporizers, not too many details are available about the Rise, so we are once again left to pull bits a pieces from various sources and speculate about some of these features. Here's what we have heard so far...

Vapir Rsie Multi-User Adapter

  • Can be used by up to four people at one time. The Multi-User Adapter (pictured right) appears to allow four whips to be connected to it at the same time. May be a bit of a novelty, but would be cool to have for when company is over.
  • Works both whip style and with bags/balloons. This kind of "dual functionality" seems to be reletively standard on many desktop vaporizer at this point, but there are few that are truly "great" at both. Will this be the one?
  • Heats up in less than 1 minute. Although a majority of portables heat up in a minute or less, this would be a leap forward for desktop vaporizers, which usually take at least 2 or 3 mintues to reach vaporization temperatures. The faster we can get or vape on, the better.
  • Compatible with both Loose-Leaf and Oil/Concentrates. A few desktop vaporizers can be adapted for oil/concentrates, but the Rise would be the first (that we are aware of) that would work with them right out of the box. It's always nice to have options.

Vapir Rise Vaporizer Kit

Will the Vapir Rise Vaporizer rise to the occasion? With the Rise due out later this month, we won't have to wait too long to find out. If it lives up to the standards set by Vapir's previous portable offerings, it should be a quality product that offers an excellent experience for a highly affordable price. There is no doubt that the Vapir Rise is on the top of our list to test and offer to all of you at this spring.

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Are you excited about the Rise? What is your favorite feature? In general, do you prefer portable or desktop vaporizers? Hit us up in the comments to let us know what's on your mind.


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