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Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer Introduces Concentrate Tray & Laser Etched Designs

Posted on March 07 2013

According to, the folks at Magic Flight introduced a new addition in mid-February that now allows their portable Launch Box Vaporizer to be used with oils and other concentrates. The long awaited Herbal Concentrate Tray contains a chemically inert quartz pad below a stainless steel mesh that gets affixed in the existing trench. The company recommends using it with the Power Adapter to achieve the higher temperatures that are required and the Whip Attachment (presumbably to make the vapor smoother).

We haven't tried it and new tray doesn't seem to be available anywhere yet, but hopefully we can get our hands on a few of them soon to test out and offer MFLB owners. No details are available on the price, but our guess is they will cost in the $20-$40 range which falls in line with other available accessories.

Magic Flight also recently began to offer a full line of laser etched Launch Boxes that feature some sweet designs on the top lid. These are only available on the manufacturers website at the moment, but will hopefully be available to retailers like us soon. There are currently six designs available including our favorite Metatron's Cube and the Reddit Pinapple, made just for the die-hard community of Magic Flight fans over at r/mflb, which are both shown above.

The Magic Flight Launch Box is our March V8PE of the Month, so you can pick up the classic Maple edition for just $109.99 while supplies last. We will be sharing our thoughts in our V8PE of the Month Review later this month, but we'll tell you that it's an extremely solid product backed by a nearly unconditional lifetime warranty, so you really can't go wrong.

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  • vapedinaz: March 22, 2013

    there is a new vaporizer called the dragonlite, its a knock off of the Magic Flight Launch Box. I bought the dragonlite from their home website, its the basically the same thing as the magic.hits hard and was cheap 30 dollarz. It got me and a group of friends pretty blazed.thought id pass it on since i didnt see it on the blog. peace

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