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V8PE of the Month: DaVinci Vaporizer Review

Posted on February 18 2013

“Nothing can be loved or hated unless it is first understood.”  - Leonardo da Vinci

I'm pretty sure Mr. (da?) Vinci wasn't referring to vaporizers when he said this, but it seems to apply to the people all over the world that discover the awesomeness of vaporization every day. Some vaporizers take a little practice to master their technique before you get those big beautiful clouds. The DaVinci Vaporizer, on the other hand, offers one of the most "plug-and-play" experiences on the market today.

When you first open the sleek packaging that sports Leonardo's signature Vitruvian Man image in the background, you'll see everything you need to get started. The DaVinci even comes pre-charged so you can use it the instant you get it. You simply remove it from the packaging, screw on the straw, load it with your favorite loose-leaf blend or essential oil, heat it up and vape away. There are very few (if any) vaporizers that are easier to use to use than this sleek, portable and discreet work of vaporization technology.


Plug & Play
As mentioned above, one of the biggest pros of the DaVinci is how easy it is to use. I've seen many people use a vaporizer for the first time and have a mediocre experience because they were not patient enough to get past the (sometimes slight, but clearly present) learning curve. There is very little learning curve with the DaVinci, both vaporizer virgins and experienced users alike can pick it up and start puffing away. A little experimenting with your draw technique and temperature can definately yield a more dense vapor though once you get the hang of it.

Charge While In Use
Battery powered vaporizers can sometime be frustrating when your batteries die and you don't have backups charged and ready to go. The DaVinci is one of only two portable vapes that we are aware of, (the Vapir NO2 being the other one) that can be used while plugged in to the charger. An extremely handy feature when your not good at pre-planning when you are going to need to use your vaporizer.

Discreet & Portable
At first glance, the DaVinci looks like a small walkie talkie. It would be very hard for someone that is not familiar with the prodcut to determine what it truly was. It also locks your material in to the heating chamber nicely, so you never have to worry about it opening up and spilling out when your carrying it around in your pocket.

Works With Herbs & Oils
For users that like to vape both loose-leaf herbs and essential oils, the DiVinci is a perfect choice. It includes everything you need right out of the box. The included "Oil Cans" can be filled and dropped in to the heating chamber without any other preparation, then removed for an easy switch back to herbs.


Loading & Unloading
The postioning of the heating chamber makes it a bit awkward to fill and empty. When fully opened, the lid of the DaVinci hovers over the chamber at about 90 degrees making it a bit hard to see in the chamber when filling. To empty, you basically just have to turn it upside down, then knock any materials out of it.

Battery Meter
Although the digital display looks very nice, the battery meter is not extremely helpful. It seems to jump from 4 bars (fully charged) to 1 bar (nearly empty) most of the time when in use. It also does not indicate when it is fully charged on the charger, so you have to keep pulling out the cord to see if it's full.

Final Word

The DaVinci is one of the top portable vaporizers currently on the market and is an innovative product that has achieved a level of simplicity and sophistication that is only rivaled by a few competitive products. Both experienced vaporizer enthusiast and those just discovering vaporization will appreciate the DaVinci's simplicity and effectiveness. There is no doubt that the DaVinci will remain a strong contender on the vaporizer scene for many years to come, that's why it is our February V8PE of the Month.

You can learn more about the DaVinci Vaporizer and buy it for the special price of $179.99 this month at



  • Aaron @ V8PE: December 02, 2013

    Jeff – Unfortunately, the battery only has a 90 day warranty period. If you purchased from our site, feel free to contact me and I will see what we can do. If you purchased from a head shop or other retailer, I’d suggest contacting them or getting in touch with the manufacturer directly. Best of luck!

  • jeff: December 01, 2013

    my vape (daVinci) has lost its charge and i am not sure how to change the battery or bring this thing back to life. please advise, thank you.

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