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V8PE of the Month: Hammer Vaporizer Review

Posted on January 17 2013

Many of today's newest Vaporizers tout impressive feature lists that include digital displays, color-changing indicator lights and proprietary vapo-core (or something like that) technology. The Hammer Vaporizer is not one of those Vaporizers.

In fact, the Hammer is unapologetic about being simple. A butane-powered flame heats a stainless steel tube to produce heated air, you draw the hot air through a small glass tube filled with your favorite loose-leaf material and the material gets vaporized. The Hammer is a tool that serves one purpose, to produce big clouds of clean, pure vapor. Simple, fast and effective.


Super fast warmup
The Hammer has one of the fastest warmup times on the market. It's ready to vape in 20-30 seconds.

No power needed
Since it's butane powered, it's ideal for camping, music festivals and other situations that you might not have access to an outlet for an extended period of time. A single butane fill lasts for several sessions and a standard can of butane will last for weeks of heavy usage.

Highly efficient
Only a small amount of material is needed to fill the stem, round about 1/10th of a gram. This small amount generally yields 4-5 thick vapor hits, making the Hammer one of the most efficient there is on the market today. If conserving is important to you, the Hammer is a must have.

Great taste
The airpath is comprised of only stainless steel (inside) and glass (stem). The butane never enters the airpath, so the vapor is clean, pure and tastes better than many of the other portables I have used.

Remember the dugout?
One of my favorite things about the Hammer is how it was designed to feel much like the classic lighter and one-hitter combo. As someone that carried a dugout for many years, using the Hammer is quite comfortable and familiar.


Slight learning curve
Much like traditional whip style vaporizers, there is a slight learning curve to using the Hammer. Those with experience will quickly adapt, but some vaporizer newbies might need a few sessions to get the hang of the proper technique.

Stealth factor
Although it's highly portable and can be taken anywhere, it's not necessarily super stealthy and might draw unwanted attention in public places. If your vaping is limited to "friendly" places (at home, friend's place, hotel room, etc.) then this shouldn't be a problem.

Final Word

Without some of the bells and whistles, the Hammer is getting a bit less attention than other new products, but it is truly a great choice for both new and experienced vapor enthusiast alike. It's simple design focuses on function over form and proves that most critical feature of a vaporizer is not how sexy it is, but how well it performs... and perform well the Hammer does. That is why it's our January V8PE of the Month.

You can learn more about the Hammer Vaporizer and buy it for the special price of $119.99 this month at


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