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SkyCloud Vaporizer Now Available at

Posted on July 14 2014

We love a good Crowdfunding success story... there is just something about a scrappy little startup ditching the traditional retail distribution shackles and launching a product directly to (and with) the people that are interested in supporting it. Earlier this year we featured a story about the SkyKloud Vaporizer and it's quest to raise $100k on Indiegogo to kick off mass production. Although the "flexible funding" campaign came up short of the goal, raising a bit over $53k, it was enough to give the team at KandyPens a boost that may have been difficult to achieve otherwise amidst the brutally competitive vape pen market.

With that boost and feedback from their 440+ supporters, they have made some nice improvements to the product, including the addition of; an optional Wickless Titanium/Ceramic Atomizer for a cleaner and better tasting experience; and Honeycomb Glass Inserts for the Dry Herb Atomizer that prevent combustion. They also added several limited edition color choices to the lineup, such as "Femme Fatale", "Big Apple" and "Bullet Boy" (see below).

Ever since we posted the first article about the SkyCloud, we constantly get inquiries from people that are interested in purchasing one, but missed the bus on the IndieGoGo campaign. Well if you were one of those people, we have good news... the SkyCloud Vaporizer is now available to purchase on and will be coming soon to as well!

The SkyCloud Vaporizer includes three atomizers, one for e-liquid, one for dry herbs and one for concentrates; making one of the only products of its kind that is ready to go right out of the box for any vaporization purpose. It also sports a lifetime warranty on the battery, making it a great value at just $119.95. My shiny new "Bullet Boy" SkyCloud arrived this weekend along with a bonus wickless atomizer, so a full review is soon to follow. If you're ready to pick up yours right away, head on over to to buy one now.


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