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Herbalizer Vaporizer, the World's First Smartvape, Officially Launches

Posted on June 05 2014

About a year ago, we offered one of the first previews of the Herbalizer Vaporizer long before it was available to the general public. Since that time, Herbalizer CEO Josh Young and his team in San Diego have been hard at work perfecting "Herbie" and are finally ready to let the little guy take flight into the hands of vapor connoisseurs around the world.

With a pair of former NASA engineers at the helm, the Herbalizer has quickly earned the title of the "World's Smartest Vaporizer" with it's ground-breaking technology that allows you to instantly and precisely control the temperature that your materials are being vaporized at. This element of precision enables Herbalizer owners to extract specific compounds from their materials that produce only the effects they desire. In essence, you have a much higher degree of control over how the materials make you feel, which can have unbelievable impacts for medical patients that are more interested in relieving their symptoms than getting a buzz. That said, the Herbalizer will not let recreational users down either, since it allows you to max out the temp at 445°F and extract ALL of the desired compounds from your materials if you wish and get an INTENSE effect, much more so than even the Volcano.

Herbie includes both balloon and whip delivery methods with optional forced air and is packed with other features such as an auto-dimming LCD, tilt sensors that will shut it off if knocked over, sleep timer, built-in storage compartment and the most intuitive user interface ever seen on a vaporizer. It's backed by a limited 2-Year warranty during which they will repair or replace the unit if deemed defective and a 5-year quality guarantee that will get you 50% off a new Herbalizer if you have warranty-worthy issues for up to three years after the initial 2-year period ends (Limited Edition only).

The Herbalizer has also taken over the top spot as the world's most expensive vaporizer at just under $730, but don't let that scare you off as the saying "you get what you pay for" actually does ring true in this case. There is no other vaporizer in the world that performs with the speed, precision and consistency that the Herbalizer brings to the table. Even the current "King of Vaporizers" for the past 10+ years, the Volcano, is in jeopardy of being de-throned once word spreads about hi-tech prowess harnessed under Herbie's sleek clamshell casing.

Mainly due to the cost, it's never going to be the right vaporizer for everyone, but in an industry overrun with cheap re-manufactured products, it's refreshing to see a high-quality, luxury vaporizer emerge as a legitimate contender. As the benefits of vaporization continue to become more widespread around the world, the Herbalizer will surely find it's place in the crowded vaporizer market.

Although there have been some innovations in the portable vaporizer arena over the last few years, only a few mediocre attempts have been made to build a better desktop vaporizer, none of which have made any significant advancements in functionality or performance over their predecessors. With its near-instant heat up time and the ability to precisely control vaporization temperatures within 5 degrees, the Herbalizer is not just innovative, it's a game-changer. If you can afford it and truly desire the best, the world's first smartvape is undoubtedly a smart buy.

Stay tuned to the V8PE 8log for a full review in the coming months...


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