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Hot or Not? Sky Cloud Vaporizer Crowdfunding on Indiegogo

Posted on March 03 2014

Sky Cloud Vaporizer

Now funding on Indiegogo, the SkyCloud Vaporizer from KandyPens is the newest vaporizer to enter the exciting arena of crowdfunding. The SkyCloud is billing itself as "the world's first multi-functional vaporizer" that works with loose-leaf, concentrates and e-juice. While I don't know if that statement is totally accurate as there are a few others out there also making this claim, it still has the potential to be the first "multi-functional" vaporizer that works REALLY WELL with all three materials. Sporting "pop-on/pop-off" atomizers for each function and full lifetime warranty on the battery, if it does perform equally well with the Holy Trinity of VaporizationTM, the SkyCloud should be poised to take flight.

We'll let Graham at KandyPens tell you more while we take a few puffs. See you again below the video.

Ahhh, that's better, as I was saying... the Indiegogo campaign launched a few weeks ago with a target goal of $100,000. Unlike the Grasshopper Vaporizer Indidgogo Campaign though, the project is a "Flexible Funding" campaign, which means KandyPens gets to keep any money that is raised whether they reach their $100k goal or not. This could actually be a good thing for backers as it means that they are promised to get their SkyClouds even if the goal is not reached. With 29 days left in the campaign and only 5% of the goal met so far, reaching the goal will be an uphill battle, but since KandyPens has already done a 600 unit initial run that sold out in 30 days prior to their crowdfunding efforts to scale up production, they should have their ducks in a row to manufacture whatever amount they get funded for.

Sky Cloud Vaporizer Features

The SkyCloud comes in 5 colors and the Basic Starter Kit includes the battery, all three atomizers, USB charger, concentrates tool and cleaning brush for $99 during the campaign ($149 retail value). The Limited Special Edition Kit adds a special color choices (tba) and a Glass Globe Atomizer for $149 ($199 retail value), while the VIP Ultimate Edition Kit tacks on a full extra set of atomizers, car charger and leather sleeve for $199 (retail value $249). Backers of the campaign will get their SkyClouds and bragging rights for being one of the first people to own the product in April.

SkyCloud Vaporizer Colors

The one thing that I am somewhat skeptical about is how well it will perform with dry herbs. Most pen style vaporizers attempt to use a heating coil for this purpose, and are prone to combusting the herbs and/or producing weak, burnt tasting vapor. It's hard to tell from the video or images how the dry atomizer will function, but hopefully they did something different with this attachment and I will be pleasantly surprised.

A demo unit is en route as we speak, so I will be posting a full review in a few weeks once I have had a chance to thoroughly test the SkyCloud. Even for a solid DUAL function (concentrates & e-juice) vaporizer though and a chance to "join KandyPens on this journey as they make vaporizer history", $99 is a reasonable price to pay... and I've always wanted to make me some vaporizer history!

Is the SkyCloud Vaporizer hot or not? Will the Indiegogo campaign reach it's $100k goal? Have you jumped on the crowdfunding bandwagon? Hit me up in the comments.

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  • Gerry: October 23, 2014

    you got me at "multi-functional’! i have to get me one of these ASAP! thank you for sharing this! also check out

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