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Give the Gift of Vaporization This Christmas During Our Merry Vapemas Sale

Posted on December 16 2013

You see how we did that? Combined the words Vape and Christmas to make a new word. Pretty clever, right? Whatever we call our December Vaporizer Sale, it's your chance to save up to 15% on the holiday seasons' hottest vapesChristmas is a time for giving, so why not give the gift that keeps on giving... and giving... an giving some more. When you give a gift from, you aren't just giving someone a cool new vaporizer, you're giving them the gift of vaporization!

Whether you need a special gift for friends or family, or are splurging on a little present for yourself, there are two ways to save through the New Year. Use the code VMAS10 to get 10% OFF any purchase on the entire site. Spend at least $100 and get 15% OFF your entire order with the code VMAS15. Just enter the code at checkout and our invisible internet elves will apply the discount to your total.

Can't decide what to get? Here are a few picks that get thumbs-up from the Vapemas Santa this Christmas:

Vapir Rise Vaporizer

The Vapir Rise Vaporizer is a revolutionary product that will forever change the way you vaporize. Vapir has already garnered quite a reputation in the vaporizer industry with other popular models like the NO2 and One 5.0. But the Vapir Rise is sure to set the new standard for all Forced-Air Vapes. It's easy to use out of the box and it's fully functional with both dry blends and waxy oils. 

Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer

The Pinnacle Pro Model comes with an improved heating chamber and 5 heat settings that can easily be adjusted with the touch of a button. The multiple heat settings make the vaporization process more efficient for vaporizing your favorite herbs. The Pinnacle Vaporizer is a portable Lithium Ion powered device that is equally beautiful in its simplicity and efficiency. It features a high-quality lithium ion battery that is rechargeable and reliable, allowing for quick vaporizing at any altitude. The Pinnacle employes a unique one button easy on/off power switch. 

Sonic Vaporizer

Meet the newest in portable vaporizer technology. The Sonic Vaporizer is an advanced handheld unit that is capable of vaporizing your favorite herbs within seconds. It features a high-quality heating chamber that ensures your herbs are being vaporized efficiently at all times. Unlike many other portable vapes that burn your herbs rather than vaporize them, the Sonic Vape utilizes advanced heating technology to produce only the best quality vapor.

C Rig Glass Globe Vaporizer

Developed by CVape, the C-Rig Glass Globe Vaporizer is a personal portable concentrate vaporizer. In this ever expanding and always progressing world of vaporizers and portable vaporizers, CVape has hit a new milestone in the vaporizer industry with it's new C-Rig Glass Globe design. Each unit is proudly made in the USA and features hand blown glass domes and mouthpieces. The glass is much higher quality and more durable than the glass used in many other glass globe vaporizers. It also features a ceramic heating chamber and uses the latest in battery technology.

Dube XS Vaporizer

Let's load a Dube man! With White Rhino Dube XS personal vaporizer, you don't need to roll a Dube. You just need to load your Dube personal vaporizer and your ready to vape. Dube is the size of your regular electronic cigarette and even more powerful. Small, Sexy and Discrete, Dube was designed to look and feel like a regular e cigarette so you can vape anywhere.

And if those aren't nice (or naughty) enough for your liking, check out our full selection of vaporizers on sale. I'm sure you'll find something that will tickle your fancy by the time you're done looking. To keep up with all our specials, sales, giveaways and more, please subscribe to our mailing list, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We hope you and yours have a happy holiday season, filled with the love of family and of course, the joys of vaporization!


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