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Dube XS Vaporizer Now Available with Smaller Battery & Improved Mouthpiece

Posted on December 12 2013

When the original Dube Vaporizer first hit the market earlier this year, there were several things we really like about it... it was one of the first vapes we have seen to mimic a disposable e-cigarette, it could work with both loose-leaf herbs and concentrates (although it's much better suited for the latter) and it was very reasonably priced. But as is the case with almost every product on the market, there was also some room for improvement. Well, the team at White Rhino must have read our mind when designing the new Dube XS Vaporizer.

Our biggest issue with the original Dube had to do with the mouthpiece, which used a spring to hold materials in place and would tend to get clogged somewhat easily. The Dube XS (and upcoming Dube 2.0) has a redesigned mouthpiece made of rubber instead of hard plastic that now uses a removable screened metal insert for easier access and cleaning.

New (left) Mouthpiece vs Old (right) Mouthpiece

We also thought the battery was a little too long on the original, making it feel a bit more awkward than the shorter disposable e-cigs you can buy almost anywhere these days. The new Dube XS has a smaller, more efficient battery that it makes it feel even more like a typical e-cig. Makes sense, since the"XS" in the name stands for "Xtra Small".

Original Dube vs Dube XS

To top things off, the Dube XS also improves on the color selection of the original Dube by adding several additional color choices including purple, blue, red, orange and pink along with the previously available black, grey and green the original came in. Best of all, it's $20 cheaper than the original, which truly makes it a great value. The Dube XS package includes the battery, cartridge, vape tool, cleaning brush and USB charger as seen below.

Dube XS Vaporizer Kit

Although the Dube line does work with both loose-leaf herbs and concentrates, we do feel compelled to warn you that it was really designed for use with concentrates and is not the best choice if you to vape herbs exclusively. It'll work if you're in a bind, but there are definitely better options in the loose-leaf vaporizer arena, if that's what you are looking for. But if you're seeking a stylish, discreet and inexpensive vaporizer for concentrates, the Dube XS is a solid choice. After all, who doesn't love to say the words "C'mon man, let's fire up a Dube!"


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