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Hot or Not? Sky Cloud Vaporizer Crowdfunding on Indiegogo

Sky Cloud Vaporizer

Now funding on Indiegogo, the SkyCloud Vaporizer from KandyPens is the newest vaporizer to enter the exciting arena of crowdfunding. The SkyCloud is billing itself as "the world's first multi-functional vaporizer" that works with loose-leaf, concentrates and e-juice. While I don't know if that statement is totally accurate as there are a few others out there also making this claim, it still has the potential to be the first "multi-functional" vaporizer that works REALLY WELL with all three materials. Sporting "pop-on/pop-off" atomizers for each function and full lifetime warranty on the battery, if it does perform equally well with the Holy Trinity of VaporizationTM, the SkyCloud should be poised to take flight.

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Hot or Not? Grasshopper Vaporizer Gets Crowdfunded

Grasshopper Vaporizer

With the success of VapeXhale's crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo earlier this year, several other vaporizer companies have turned to this increasingly popular method of raising capital to launch their products. The most recent to achieve success, to the tune of over $365,000, is the Grasshopper Vaporizer.

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Vapir Rise Now Available for Pre-Order, Ships Next Week

Back in April we gave you a sneak peak at the Vapir Rise, a new desktop vaporizer from the folks that created the popular Vapir N02 Vaporizer. We are extremely excited to announce that the Rise is finally here and available for pre-order on V8PE.com. The units are currently en-route to our warehouse and will be shipping out next week. Supply is limited, so if you have been waiting to pick up one of these sweet looking vapes, this is your chance.

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Hot or Not? The Indica Vaporizer

"Hot or Not?" is back and this time we're featuring a cool new product that was designed to mimic an old favorite of smokers worldwide, the Zippo lighter. The Indica Vaporizer is not for smokers though... it's a portable vaporizer for loose-leaf herbs that will be hitting the market this summer from Indica LLC out of Boulder, Colorado. The Indica sports a simple and discreet design, along with some unique features that rival even some of the current top dogs in the world of portable vaporization. At a retail price under $200, we're excited to see if the Indica brings the fire or sputters out like a lighter that's run out of fuel.

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Wizvape Vaporizer Update: New Video & Release Date Announced

We previously featured the Wizvape Vaporizer in the article Hot or Not? The Wizvape Portable Electronic Vaporizer and have been patiently waiting to learn more about this unique product. Other than a brief intro video released back in October of last year, details have been very sparse. With the recent release of a new teaser video and corresponding announcement of a June 28, 2013 ship date in the video's description, we can finally say our thirst has been quenched (for the moment at least).

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Ascent Vaporizer Release Delayed

Alas, the trials and tribulations of a new vaporizer launch have struck again. The highly anticipated May 15th release of the Ascent Vaporizer by DaVinci has been delayed. In an email sent to the pre-registration list for the Ascent yesterday, the folks at DaVinci expressed regret that the product needed to be pushed back due to "unforeseeable circumstances in our supply chain" but assured customers that the delays were necessary to insure they will be able to "bring to market, a vaporizer, that will surely exceed all expectations."

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Hot or Not? Herbie aka The Herbalizer Vaporizer

Herbalizer Vaporizer

In this edition of "Hot or Not?" we're going to take a look at the Herbalizer, a new plug-in vaporizer from a startup company out of sunny San Diego. Also known as Herbie, this product looks extremely promising and is touting some unique, advanced features that have the potential to make it a game changer in the plug-in vaporizer market. Designed by a pair of former NASA engineers with a reported 3+ years and nearly a million dollars invested in development, it definitely has the right stuff.

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Vapir Rise Desktop Vaporizer Coming Soon & It Looks Pretty Sweet

Vapir Rise Vaporizer

This past Friday, Vapir officially introduced their latest upcoming product and first foray into the desktop vaporizer market, the Vapir Rise. Vapir has been producing qualityportable vaporizers for nearly a decade, including their flagship Vapir NO2, as well as the Vapir One and Oxygen Mini Vaporizers. The Vapir Rise is currently slated for a late April release and looks to compete directly with the highly regarded Arizer Extreme Q at the mid $200 price point. At first glance, the Rise is a pretty sharp looking vape that includes a some unique features, so we are extremely excited to see how it performs.

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Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer Introduces Concentrate Tray & Laser Etched Designs

According to VaporizerInfo.com, the folks at Magic Flight introduced a new addition in mid-February that now allows their portable Launch Box Vaporizer to be used with oils and other concentrates. The long awaited Herbal Concentrate Tray contains a chemically inert quartz pad below a stainless steel mesh that gets affixed in the existing trench. The company recommends using it with the Power Adapter to achieve the higher temperatures that are required and the Whip Attachment (presumbably to make the vapor smoother).

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Hot or Not? The Wizvape Portable Electronic Vaporizer

We are always digging around the web for info about the latest and greatest Vaporizers coming to the market. We recently came across this video that introduces the Wizvape, a new portable that claims to be launching in Spring 2013.

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DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer Promo Video with Release Date

The crew at DaVinci quietly added the video below to their YouTube channel a few days ago. Since announcing the Ascent on January 13th, vaporizer fans (including us) have clamored to learn more about this sweet looking vape.

The biggest questions on everyone's minds were "how much will it cost?" and "when will it be available?" Details on the price have yet to be revealed, but the video below does answer the latter question. According to the video, the Ascent will be available in March.

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