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V8PE 8log Black Friday-Cyber Monday Vaporizer Sale

November 14, 2015

Ahhh, Black Friday. It's a glorious time of year... people trampling over each other to save a few bucks, gridlock in the parking lots and checkout lines, rude shoppers without a care in the world for anyone but themselves, waiting in line for an hour to find the deal you want is sold out, waking up at 4am to save $10 on a $300 tv. Fuck that!!

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420 SALE: Save 15% at in April

April 03, 2015

Yep, it's that time of year again! A festive time for people around the world to celebrate the wonders of nature's bounty by... vaporizing it (or smoking it, eating it, dabbing it). Of course we are here to make your 4/20 the best one ever by hooking you up with a shiny new Vaporizer that will make your holiday one to truly forget remember. Today through the end of the glorious month of April, you can use the code 420SALE at checkout to get 15% OFF everything on the site.

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Spread the Love Sale: Nothing Says I Love You Like a New Vape

February 10, 2015

Roses? Cliche. Chocolates? Lame. Jewelry? Boring. Give your loved one something different for Valentine's Day this year during our annual Spread the Love Sale. Take 14% OFF all vaporizers and accessories using the coupon code LOVE14 at checkout. We guarantee* your special someone will love you forever and ever when you surprise them with a shiny, new vaporizer from Best part is... you'll probably get to share it ;-)

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SkyCloud Vaporizer Now Available at

July 14, 2014

We love a good Crowdfunding success story... there is just something about a scrappy little startup ditching the traditional retail distribution shackles and launching a product directly to (and with) the people that are interested in supporting it. Earlier this year we featured a story about the SkyKloud Vaporizer and it's quest to raise $100k on Indiegogo to kick off mass production. Although the "flexible funding" campaign came up short of the goal, raising a bit over $53k, it was enough to give the team at KandyPens a boost that may have been difficult to achieve otherwise amidst the brutally competitive vape pen market.

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